Unboxer Everyday Carry EDC Knife

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Ed's favorite everyday carry knife. Ultimate performance and highest quality. Available in Army Green, Midnight Blue, Red. Ships from manufacturer, average time to ship is 3-4 days.  Only available to US addresses.

Made in Thiers, France, in the workshop of 13th generation knife maker Tarrerias-Bonjean (TB), this folder features an ultra-thin and light-weight design, making it extremely discreet and the ultimate Everyday Carry knife. The unique feature of the UNBOXER® lies in the innovative design of its opening & closing mechanism. A complex cut of the blade’s heel, associated with a stop-pin are replacing the conventional spring and liner parts. It allows to achieve maximal weight reduction (total weight: 55 grams) all while maintaining the blade perfectly secured in both open and closed positions. This locking mechanism also allows to operate the UNBOXER® effortlessly with one hand only. This system has been validated on TB’s test bench, performing over 100,000 openings and closings cycles.

Another innovation featured in the UNBOXER® is the belt clip can be mounted and disassembled without any tools. A simple pressure between the thumb and the index finger allows to position it on either side on the handle. The blade is made of Nitrox® high carbon stainless steel for extreme corrosion resistance, long-lasting cutting edge and easy-resharpening. Lastly, it is possible to set the exact strength necessary to open or close the blade. Unscrew the anti-rotation screw, set the desired resistance and put the anti-rotation screw back in place... done!

Total Weight: 55 gr / 0.12 lbs

Total Length: 175 mm / 6.9” 

Blade Length: 78 mm / 3.1”

Blade Thickness: 3 mm

Handle material: fiberglass reinforced PA6

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this knife will benefit Big City Mountaineers and Protect Our Winters.